Our first superwoman is María, she is  31 years old and was born in Bilbao. With a lot of passion and dedication, she has created one of the leading florists in the center of Madrid: BIMFLOWERS. At the same time she is mother of two children (one of them is a 3 month old baby).

What did you do before BimFlowers and what inspired you to undertake this adventure?

Before this I worked in an advertising agency, and then I decided to set up a business for organizing and decorating events with my best friend, and then as she went to live abroad I thought it was too much to stay alone with the whole part of event organization and I decided to keep the flowers part. BimFlowers was born there.

Centro floral dentro de cristal - Bimflowers

 What have been the main challenges that you have found along the way?

At first everything was done at home, then the first step was to go out and look for a shop, to open a place you need many licenses and many other things. On the other hand, looking for clients, who trust you,  even if you are unknown and bet on you is very complicated.

What do you like most about your business and what is the best story you have as a florist?

I like that I work with things that are meant to make people happy, so that they have a good memory, a joyful moment, whether is  for anniversaries, birthdays or especially I love when they are sent for no particular reason. I also send a lot to brides, proposals, bouquets, and boyfriend surprises ... I love the notes of the bride and groom, many of them have moved me and that is what I like most.

What is it like to organize the set of flowers for a wedding or an event?

It depends on whether for the floral set I work alone or if I also work with other people who decorate different parts of the event. When I work on my own, it is complicated but eventually I know that everything will have the same harmony, the flowers will be the same, and I end up deciding almost everything. If you work with other people you have to agree with each other that everything has the same line, the same aesthetic, colors, shapes, textures ... Also, for a wedding or an event you cannot do things a week before or 15 days before, being a perishable product you have to prepare everything as close as possible to the specific date so that they are fresh and look good.

The pretty side of this business is obvious ... What are the most complicated aspects you have to deal with?

On one hand, the fact that  flowers are a perishable product makes you calculate very well the quantities that you have to buy because otherwise you end up losing a lot of money. The type of flower and how you are going to work with it, it is not the same to prick it in a sponge than to put it directly in water. For me the most complicated and what causes more tension is above all to calculate the quantities to buy so that everything works and the numbers work out.

What flowers would you put in your living room and what flowers would you bring in a bridal bouquet?

In my house I would put Nardos because I love the smell, although the bad thing is that they do not last long, but for the smell they leave it is worth it. In a bridal bouquet I would mix different flowers, for example branched rose, thistles with different greens, hypericum ... a mix of flowers and greens.

You have thousands of followers already , how have social networks impacted your business?

It has been fundamental. A lot of sales come through Instagram. You can make yourself known through Instagram because it is a very powerful tool, but it is also super slave. Everything has its plus and minus. It has been important.

What method of organization do you use to be able to arrive on time with all orders during wedding times ... and at the same time having time to be with your children?

For the orders it is important to  have everything very well pointed, very well organized in the agenda, because in the orders there are people who speak to  you in advance, but there are also people who makes orders from one day to another, so you have to have it all very well aimed so that you do not miss any of the orders. The same happens with the events, to be able to plan when are you going to see the site, to order what is necessary, the meetings , and how long it will take. It is important to have everything written down.


Outside of work, what are your hobbies and what do you usually do in your free time?

Today, being with my children and my friends, I love going out to have dinner with my husband and friends. I also love traveling, although lately we do it less but we do try to keep it.

Is there any women who have impacted you in your life?

Maybe my grandmother, because she is the one who inspired me and guided me to make the decorations with flowers. There have always been many flowers in her house and she is the person who has taught me about the taste and the work in this. It was her, although she did not dedicate herself to flowers.


What advice would you give to other women who also have an interest in starting their own business?

Be confident, keep forward, that if it has been in your mind try it, and that although it is difficult ... it is worth it.




March 12, 2019 — Filou Madrid

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