EPISODE IV: Patricia Benayas

This superwoman is Patricia, who after dedicating herself to the organization of events, has been chasing what she really liked until she turned her life around and became a coach. Now she helps others to get the most out of time. Want to know how she got it? Stay with us!


What did you do before you started “stretching time” and what led you to undertake this adventure?

I have organized events for more than 20 years, and I started the first time in 2007 when I set up my own event agency and closed it in 2015 on a day that I was very saturated. Then I said: now what do I do? As I liked nutrition a lot I did a master's degree in nutrition, but then I finished and didn't see myself putting people on diets  to lose weight, and then I said again: now what do I do? And then talking to a friend I realized that what I did best was to organize and manage time, she told me to teach that. Then you start looking which things there are and I started doing courses, then I started with a mentoring coach so that I could focus a little on helping people with their time. And so it came up in 2016. Then a year later I decided to train as a coach.

What have been the main challenges when creating and running your business?

The main challenge as always for me is to define what I am going to do, shape the service and the workshops. I was already used to work alone so in that sense I had no problem. For me the most difficult thing was to define what kind of service I could give to help people have more time for themselves.                                                                          You comment on your website that order gives you peace, time and happiness organization. Are you a fan of Marie Kondo? Do you have the house tidy like her?                                                          Yes, I've always been very tidy since I was little. We are 6 brothers, not all of us are ordained, but I always ordered since I was a little girl. I remember that my brother Juanjo told my sister Sandra: of course you don't have to order because Patricia already does everything.

I was the typical geek who liked to take things out of the dishwasher and order them.

Marie Kondo I think is very good, that she came at the right time because we are in a hyperconsumistic society that we have many more things than we need, the houses are also smaller every time and then we accumulate.

I am not a fan, I have not seen his Netflix series for example, but I like she a lot, I have his book and I read it but it did not change my life. Many things are common sense. In fact in the workshops I often say that most of the things that I am going to say are common sense but the important thing is to apply it. Then Marie Kondo does not say any nonsense, it is not necessary to take it to the extreme. It is necessary to take into account that she is Japanese, in Japan on December 31 they dedicate to cleaning the house, there is no such custom here, it already comes from their culture.

What are the main problems that people usually have with their time?

Most do not know how to disconnect, not only entrepreneurs or freelancers who live with their work 24 hours, but everyone who now does not disconnect with mobile phones. When you do not disconnect it is when you seem to have no time for anything.                                                              Then with social networks people do not have time for oneself, in this life everything is a matter of priorities and also with time. Then I distinguish work, family (distinguishing parents, partners, children), friends and yourself. Also, the organization at home continues to fall on women. I have more female clients than men and almost all of them talk about it. Then I give them guidelines on how to organize your tasks at home always involving the whole family.




What do you enjoy most about your work?

Personally, that I have my time, but I love having sessions with clients and when they write me an email telling me that they have managed to have the time and have enjoyed it. In fact, people have written to me a year later telling me that they had become independent taking all the notes we had done together and that everything had gone great, without getting nervous following the guidelines step by step.

You always work with small objectives that are noticed from the first session. I do very personalized sessions because the organization is not the same for everyone, it is not a method, it has to be adapted to the way of life of each person. It is true that when you want to put something new in your life you have to take something else, because you have to dedicate that time to it. It starts there.


Any lessons you have learned from your work?

I always say that the person who has benefited the most from certifying  as a coach is me. Because in those nine months of the course you are looking at yourself all the time and you are taking out many things that you did not know. I think it helps a lot and then it has helped me to listen, I did not listen, I heard. Then I had to improve it and now I listen to all my surroundings, so, for example, my husband is delighted. Active listening has come to me phenomenal, now I am much calmer and empathetic. These are coach skills that everyone has to work on their own.    What are your favorite books, websites that you like to consult?        My bedside book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which you can be reading continuously. I recommend it to everyone. Also Organize Effectively and The 4-day work week, very good. It also depends a lot on the moment and according to what you are looking for.                Is there a woman who has inspired you in your life? I believe that the person who has inspired me the most is my sister who is only  a year older. My sister, Lola, had the clearest ideas since she was little, she got very good grades. When she married and became a mother, she dedicated herself 100% to her children, but she always kept time to be with her husband. She has always inspired me greatly.

Then I also like Ana Patricia Botín, I like to see her work and I have also seen the transformation she has done in the bank after her father. She  is adapted to modern times, in the bank they now have a coach, mindfulness workshops, nursery for the children etc. I follow her on the networks and the truth is that I love her as she is.         What advice would you give to other women who also have an interest in starting their own business? The first I would think a lot about what I want to undertake, you have to like and be passionate about it because if not you're going to leave it right away. It has to go according to your values because if not the same thing is going to happen to you.

Then go step by step, define what you want to do, define the services, do not throw yourself into the pool, go without hurry but without pause. When you take a step, the next door opens, do not go back and back that in the end only stress.

And do not wait to have everything done to launch, the perfect moment does not exist.

December 11, 2019 — Filou Madrid

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