Things we love about Michelle Obama

"Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude"


"Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. Let them make you even hungrier to succeed"

Michelle was born in a humble neighborhood of Chicago and arrived nothing less than to the White House. This law student, mother, and first lady is a role model for many women.

She was determined and confident at an early age

She defines herself as ambitious, stubborn and someone who can raise her voice when she gets angry. Although she says that time and experience have softened her character, she continues to seek concrete answers to the problems that arise.

                                                                                         She grew up and was educated with his aunt Robbie, who was his demanding piano teacher.                                              She discovered that this experience with music was what allowed her to start developing her own voice over time, and that is something for which she considers that she must be very grateful since it has been something absolutely decisive for the person she has become.                                                                        After graduating from the famous Harvard University, she worked at a very important law firm in Chicago, where she served as head of her future husband. After a few years, she decided to leave the job to devote himself to his growing vocation for public service.                                                                                 It was then that she began working as a director of a non-profit organization that helps young people build a professional career and as a deputy director of a hospital improving access to health care for the most disadvantaged classes.

Michelle continues to participate actively in many organizations, giving talks and working on programs that help women balance their work and family life, being also a good defender of the arts and education.

Moving from Chicago to Washington and becoming a first lady provided her a wealth of knowledge and contacts that she had never imagined.

She knew how to take the White House her way

For two presidential terms she was considered by many to be the most powerful woman in the world, something that says a lot about her.

She always had her own way of doing things and was a rare way until then for the first ladies of the United States. For example, as therapy while living in the white house, she always wanted to keep her group of friends from Chicago whom she always considered a source of feminine wisdom. She used to invite them when she needed a breath of fresh air between the rigidity of his new position and that's why they went to public events such as Easter egg races or Christmas parties.

It is true that as a first lady she enjoyed fashion and knew how to take advantage of it, but as a former first lady, Michelle Obama is breaking all expectations with her less formal looks but always without losing her elegance and style with which she dazzles everyone.

In her biography, she discovers some curiosities such as that she is a fan of order, that she had an orchard in the gardens of the White House, and that she prefers to take care of the education of her daughters Malia and Sasha personally.

She has no intention of stopping

In those 500 pages, she also talks about his trip to Europe and her peculiar encounter with Queen Elizabeth II, whom she affectionately embraced, breaking years of protocol, while they chatted about the desire they both had to take off their shoes.

Her is already the best-selling memoir in history and it doesn't surprise us!

At 55, she feels that her life continues to progress and she makes an effort to continue that way. She does not plan to stop. Her life is very different from that of a few years ago, now she lives with her family in a quiet neighborhood in Washington. But she has not changed so much, she stills not limiting herself to popularity in politics, she is also dedicated to helping within many charitable organizations.

In 2006, Essence magazine named her one of the 25 most inspiring women in the world. The following year Michelle was nominated by Vanity Fair magazine as one of the 10 best-dressed people in the world.That is why and many other reasons we can find her name in many of the most famous lists in the world.

There’s is no doubt that the former presidential couple has become an icon, we can see them even on Netflix since they signed an exclusive contract to produce documentaries and films.

December 11, 2019 — Filou Madrid

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