Brain Dump

You need to have space for some chaos too!

Experts point out that we spend a lot of valuable energy trying to remember all the things and special plans we want to do and trying to mentally prioritize the issues that we must resolve as soon as possible.

Many times we don't even know where to start organizing. The solution? The Brain Dump, a way of ordering ideas and being able to rest without thinking about what we should do the next day.

It may be Sunday night and we need to organize the week or we may be about to travel.

It is what is called "brain dump", that is, brain discharge.In addition to breathing deeply and trying to relax, there is another very effective way to deal with so many brilliant ideas. The solution is simpler than we think: write. A simple list of what we should do or what we are feeling can help a lot.


To organize and have your life more controlled you can use any of our very stylish agendas, but it is also important that you unleash your imagination and empty your brain into a sheet.


Emptying your brain is an effective way to combat the feeling of stress.

You can start by defining whether it is professional or personal so that you make time for both.

It will not take you more than 10 minutes!

Don’t just write down your to-dos, scribble all the things you need to do in a notebook, make a scratch pad, journal, doodle, empty your head and start again. You will become organized the more room you free up in your brain.

With Filou notepad it will be much easier to drop all these ideas in and have them into one place together.

Do this and you will really feel relieved. You will have ordered not only our multiple tasks, but also your emotions and thoughts, and who knows, perhaps you have even rescued some brilliant idea.




April 17, 2020 — César Cornejo