Plan in writting

Plan in writing.

Most of the time s we trust our mind for everything. It is not necessary to fill our head with lists of tasks that sometimes may get lost along the way, you can help it using our agendas, both professionally and personally.

Learn to plan in the short, medium and long term; and not to rely only on your "head." Keep agenda, planners, lists, calendars ... etc.

At first, if you do not have the habit of doing it you may find it strange, but as soon as you learn to use it and incorporate it into your daily routine you will not be able to live without it.

Of the activities that you are going to do is that same day, your crazy ideas, long-term projects, incredible places that you would like to visit, exciting books to read, personal goals ... etc.Take note of everything! Work your ideas in writing!

Writing what we should do before bedtime frees us. We all love to feel that we have a good organization in our agenda and especially at what times of the day we can program each thing.

For example: Having a list of recommended movies and checking it out when you decide to spend a movie night makes things easier. If you are developing an idea that has come to your mind from a new secret project in a notebook, gather all the information about it to consider carrying it out and how it prevents that wonderful idea from getting lost and makes it easier for you to develop and realize the best.

Put everything on your agenda and you will see how the tasks become something that we are not afraid to face!


As we know that there are thousands of different ideas and planning styles we have the perfect spare parts for every occasion.

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April 17, 2020 — César Cornejo