Filou recambios de hojas agenda planner de anillas inserts

Ok, you've already decided that you want a ring planner / diary. Normally, all planners already bring a standard replacement with a weekly view so that as soon as you receive it you can start using it. However, as we already told you in this post, the replacement of standard weekly view sheets may not suit your day-to-day needs.

Don't short-circuit, Filou has the solution! No matter what your lifestyle is, we have the perfect replacement.

1.- If your day is always full of meetings, conferences and tasks to do. You are extremely busy

The Corporate Style replacement is perfect for you, with space to schedule every half hour all those meetings, conferences or appointments that you are going to have. You will also have space to prioritize urgent tasks from the not urgent, and still will have some space for some quick notes.

Filou recambio hojas planner agenda A5 inserts vista dia

2.- If you just want to schedule your tasks and appointments for the whole week

Filou recambio hojas planner agenda A5 inserts

3.- If you need a whole page for each day because you take a lot of notes

The daily view insert will give you all that space you need to write, plus an additional space based on hours that will allow you to plan your day and thus make better use of your time.

Filou recambios inserts planner agenda anillas vista dia daily view

4.- If you have a medium level of tasks (you will not very busy but you still have things to plan that can't forget)

The weekly view standard insert is your best option. With enough space to write down the tasks for each day, added to the monthly view that is also included, will let you see a bird's eye view of the progress of the current week.

Filou inserts recambios hojas planner agenda vista semanal weekly view

5.- If you need to take a lot of notes because you want to use the agenda also as a notebook

In this case you have it easy, since we offer multiple options for replacement notes, you just have to choose the one you like the most. There are lined ones, bullet journal style dots, linear with date headers ... etc. We give you some examples:

6.- If you use your planner to follow your weekly diet, write down your finances, habits, etc.

Here there are a multitude of different inserts designs depending on the aspect to follow, all being equally effective as long as the most important condition is met: being committed to recording progress every day and monitoring. Here we show you our habit tracking design, where you can write down what activities you have done each day of the week: going to the gym, meditating, eating fish, doing a facial ...

Filou inserts recambios agenda planner habit tracker habitos


From Filou every day we try to improve and expand our designs, adapting them to all tastes and needs. Take a look at our amazing inserts designs to see all the available options, and do not hesitate to write us if you have more ideas!