How to choose a planner or agenda (with or without rings), with dates or without dates

Surely many of you have ever wondered what difference there is between an agenda or planner and which one will work best for you. Regarding the first question, and after a long time researching, we can say that ... none! It is a purely semantic debate.

There are many references where they refer to planners as those organizers with rings, where the sheets can be extracted, but the reality is that these types of products are also called ring agenda or ring binder.

At Filou we usually call them planners, but on many occasions (depending on how the wind blows) we also call them agendas with rings.

Filou planner o agenda con anillas

So what is the key aspect to take into account? As they say, what matters is on the inside. It is clear that a cover that you like and inspires you to work is one of the fundamental factors when choosing your planner/agenda, but how it is organized inside and how that organization fits to your lifestyle and your goals is something fundamental. That is why Filou opts for ring agendas, since their key benefit is their capability to be customized by adding the sheets (we name them inserts) that fit your lifestyle and your daily needs.

Since each one of us have different lifestyles, Filou has set out to create multiple planner inserts with different designs adapted to all possible lifestyles. We want all women to find their perfect insert, and if for any reason you can't find yours ... don't hesitate to let us know! :-)


¿Dated or undated?

This question is much easier to answer. From Filou we 100% recommend using the undated format. From experience, we know that sometimes we all end up not using our agenda every day and therefore we leave many times unused sheets, which we will no longer be able to use next year because the dates do not coincide with the days of the week. We have to take care of our trees and the planet, and that is why thanks to the undated format it won't matter if you stop using your planner for a while, all those sheets will be ready to be used any month of any year. It does not take us more than 1 minute to fill in the gaps of the days, so it is enormously worth it.

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