6 Top Work From Home Tips For Right Now

The COVID-19 situation is shocking, we never thought something like this could suddenly happen, and one of the safest things we can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus is work from home. Many people don't have the chance to do remote working, but if you do commit to it. 

If you're not used to work from home, surrounded by all those irresistible distractions, you may have a productivity slump. We want to share the best tips for staying on track (and off the couch) when working remotely. 

1.- Get Up At Your Usual Time

Sleeping in is extremely tentative, but you are a brilliant woman who wants to make the most out of life so use that commuting time to do something productive. Many times we find ourselves saying "I don't have time for...", well, now there is some more time we encourage you not to waste. You can meditate, do yoga, work out routines, cook a delicious hotel-style breakfast, or anything self-care focused that makes you feel you are not wasting that precious time. But hey! weekends are totally for sleeping in.

2.- Be a Human (Get Dressed For The Day)

Even though that princess-like pyjama is gorgeous you can't be a pyjama sloth. This doesn't mean you need to get dressed with your best working suit, but putting on presentable clothing will do wonders for your mind and will get your brain out of relaxing mode and into work mode. Also, you may have videoconferencing and this requires to look professional.

3.- Designate A Workspace (or Two)

Try to find yourself a dedicated and comfortable spot to work that you can associate with your job — that means get off the couch, and definitely out of bed. This will get your brilliant mind ready to work and help you to stay focused on work — similar to changing out of your pyjamas in the morning. If you want to take advantage of being remote, having more than one space that is your designated WorkSpace will allow you to move around. Having this workspace will help you create a routine and structure your work-from-home day in a productive manner. Once your workday is over, avoid that designated workspace. This will ensure you start building up productive boundaries, too.


4.- Build In Some Support Mechanisms To Ensure You Don’t Get Distracted

Many people worry about the distractions of home life interfering with their work. If you know you struggle to be productive without accountability, keep a schedule and block your time. Build in some support mechanisms to ensure you don’t get distracted. Setting alarms can help you work in bursts and take regular breaks. 

But don't forget there’s a balance here. If you were in an office, people would be stopping by your desk. You'd run out for coffee or lunch, etc. You won't be doing that at home, so if you take some minutes to take care of a chore, don't be harsh on yourself. The time is the same. Especially true when the whole country is in the same boat!

5.- Communicate, communicate, communicate

Coronavirus or not, the key to remote working success is clear communication with your boss (or your employees!) – and knowing exactly what’s expected of you. It’s important to go beyond email and use other digital tools such as calls or video conferences, that can better replicate the in-person office experience and provide for clear communication. This will make everyone feel it's still very much business as usual, despite the fact that you’re so spread out. You’d be surprised how effective a regular schedule of quick “huddles” can be!

6.- The TV and Social Media Does Not Exist Until You're Done Working

The faster you develop this habit, the better. Simply don’t turn on the TV and block social media notifications. They are the ultimate distraction and serves literally no helpful purpose during the course of your workday. Start practising the habit of ignoring it right now. If it’s too quiet in the house, use music without words for concentration, or calm music to have on in the background in between meetings. Youtube and Spotify have entire sections labelled “Chill” and “Work” with plenty of options for you.


March 16, 2020 — Gema Ferrero